by Peter Loaf

The captured lover, taken at night
Penis gag choking, the ropes so tight
Hands and feet binding
Her world unwinding
Her lover’s husband, piñata’s plight

Hung up upended, the village square
Bottom presented, hasn’t a prayer
Lesbian lovers
Their sins discover
The cooze rope splitting, her unmarked pair

The people gather, the bell ringing
The torches lighting, a crowd bringing
Gag garbled screaming
Pussy lips creaming
Puta piñata, the cane stinging

Fighting her bondage, struggle and strain
Pussy lips dripping, a spreading stain
Piñata beating
Bottom cheeks heating
The patron’s orders, the whippy cane

Lover protesting bound to her horse
Her husband holding, her reins of course
Teaching a lesson
Forcing confession
The sins of Sodom, showing remorse

The beating over, lowered to ground
The village elders, gather around
Their boners showing
Her fate she’s knowing
Taken to stable, plaything newfound

Day and night fucking, pussy agape
Puta piñata, the elder’s rape
A shadow flitting
The stable quitting
The horses waiting, moonlit escape