Pie Face
by Peter Loaf

The clowns are coming, going nowhere
Head in the attic, ass in the chair
Trapped in the planking
Master Iím thanking
The clowns are coming, up the back stair

Hardbound and horny, subbie lust pro
Moll Flanders shooting, the game I know
Fucked to a frazzle
Pay for view dazzle
Trapped in the planking, on with the show

Nose hooked hair stapled, holding so still
The air is moving, a sudden chill
A hand caressing
An un-asked blessing
Barkerís cane whistles, dance card to fill

The chair departing, up on my feet
A cold steel butt-hook, my bottomís treat
Bent and presented
Hijinks invented
The clowns un-numbered, helpless complete

All nice and welted, bottom aflame
Dildo inflating, pussy stretch game
Hooked up on tiptoes
My poor stretching nose
Head in the planking, trophy detain

Dancing and prancing, hook in my ass
Emotions flowing, it comes to pass
Face camera mounted
Pheromones founted
The clowns are coming, one sorry lass

Dildo deflated, hot pecker pokes
Pussy so swollen, he gently strokes
Hot bottom welted
Itís hardly felted
Pain/pleasure mixing, my kind of folks

Slap stick applying, face of a clown
Pussy grease-painted, clowning round
The greasepaint smearing
The others cheering
Faceless big organs, helplessly bound

His cock is lifting, toes from the floor
My silence broken, screaming for more
Kicking legs gripping,
Clitty lick nipping
Hung like a sausage, knowing what for

Fuckers uncounted, taking their turns
The girl delivered, good living earns
Hey diddle diddle
Fit as a fiddle
My Master skillful, my subbie burns

Split screen net-casting, both ends of me
Licky slit woman, needing to pee
Showing my feelings
My helpless dealings
Another clown coming, earning our fee

The checks keep coming, downloaded vids
Penthouse on river, raising our kids
Once a month sessions
Visit the Hessians
Moll Flanders Castle, blowing their lids

The final seconds, as credits roll
A flying custard, taking its toll
Custard lick grinning
Fanís money winning
Subbie lust slaking, wet dripping hole

Pie Face