Penance Stone
by Peter Loaf

Two lovers tumble, beast with two backs
Deserted hovels, falling down shacks
Venus Adonis
Their lust is honest
The bullies crashing, shackles in sacks

Her lover fleeing, gets away clean
The Smith of cockney, miles between
The strumpet running
The horsemen cunning
King’s Consort captured, by bullies keen

The strumpet taken, a whore accused
His Highness snorting, “We’re not amused!”
Castle keep holding
Good Christian scolding
Penance stone flogging, by bullies used

A block of granite, heavy and cold
Shackles of iron, position hold
Bent and presented
Escape prevented
The priest presiding, the village told

The cobbles hurting, ass in the wind
Pussy lips pinking, cannot defend
The oldest story
The strumpet sorry
Bundle of birches, you can depend

Humiliation, the penance stone
The Consort waiting, naked alone
Birch bundle whispers
Her bottom blisters
Ordeal begins, her crimes atone

The Consort’s duty, cherish His seed
Woman so lusty, needing to breed
But King is a queen
Not into that scene
Caught with the hovels, feeding her need

Her distant screaming, heard from afar
The village watching, the naked star
Her bottom burning
For smithy yearning
Her pussy dripping, whipping the tar

The beating over, sodding begun
The bullies taking, having their fun
Her shackles rattle
Losing the battle
Cocks in her anus, under the sun

Blistered cheeks gripping, thrusting so deep
Consort consorting, semen to seep
Penance stone lesson
No smithy messing
Her lover sneaking, the castle-keep

His bullies busy, King stands alone
Battlements watching, the penance stone
His lover sucking
He’s really trucking
Gag gargle choking, milking His bone

The smithy creeping, dagger in hand
The King distracted, as Smithy planned
The knife hand striking
The Royal spiking
Ending the evil, taking his stand

The man of iron, the men of arms
The battle Royal, sound the alarms
Then men discover
King and his lover
United in death, tight as two clams

Village erupting, pitchforks hurry
Ten to one rabble, pent-up furry
Men butchered standing
The mob demanding
His right of conquest, His favor curry

Standing on tower, His muscles flex
The Smith anointed, Almighty Rex
Penance stone freeing
New kingdom seeing
His Royal Consort, the super sex

Penance Stone