Passion Rack
by Peter Loaf

Lesbian Lilly, campus cut-up
Challenge to breeders, “Put your butt up”
“A night in my attic”
“An end to this static”
“A bi by morning, you lack the gut”

Brenda McPherson, blushing so pink
Feigning reluctance, her secret wink
“I’ll take your offer”
“Filling my coffer”
Pussy lips itching, starting to stink

Hetero nature, curious too
Fantasies filling, ‘tis nothing new
The shackles closing
There’s no opposing
Eyes like the devil, gag ball to chew

The stairway climbing, the soundproof cell
Hung from her shackles, the freedom belle
Stripping her clothing
Lesbian loathing
Tickle a nipple, the rising smell

Shackle on ankle, other cuff swings
A box of iron, good Lilly brings
“The Rack of Passion”
“Your juices splashin’”
Pussy lips dripping, her clitty stings

Leg spreader uprights, stretching her wide
Pussy lips gaping, gazing inside
Stiff hard and glowing
A girl who’s knowing
Wrist shackles lowered, ready to ride

Kow Tow position, butt in the wind
A toothbrush buzzing, cannot defend
Greasy intrusion
Sweet kind of fusion
Kicking to wiggle, subbie space send

Butt balloon filling, puka pump squeeze
Squirming and screaming, “Oh Please, oh please”
Tickle clit jumping
Ready for humping
Ass up and ready, smelling ripe cheese

Passion rack tilting, sitting her down
Vibrating plastic, stretching around
Passion rack holding
Pussy lips molding
Vibrating plastic, pleasures newfound

Squeezing her boobies, pinching her nubs
Spanking her bottom, her clitty rubs
Lesbian knowing
Lustiness showing
Breeder believer, the bondage clubs

Morning comes quickly, time gets away
Yesterday’s breeder, changing her play
Lesbian loving
Vibrator shoving
Bi sex is better, a bright new day

Passion Rack