The Passage II
by Peter Loaf

Grad’ak well mounted, his pony swift
Her muscles supple, the spacer’s gift
His vital mission
Royal magician
To Hallymia, beyond the rift

His pony’s power, alien strong
The magic powder, to him belong
From spacers gotten
Her past forgotten
Trotting for hours, the distance long

The night for resting, darkness complete
Hobbles and collar, sharing his meat
His nose informing
Her hormones storming
In season pony, smelling so sweet

Sexual union, feeding her need
His organ stiffened, pussy to feed
Stump-broken filly
Fucking her silly
Union unfruitful, her need to breed

The hours of darkness, the night’s delight
Her pussy gripping, love muscle tight
His passion pumping
His pony humping
Grad’ak the warrior, his warrior’s right

Grad’ak replacing, her pony tail
The sun is rising, back on the trail
The road is winding
The city finding
His mission vital, he must not fail

His pony’s power, always surprised
Alien planet, three times the size
The powder taming
Memories maiming
The road is rising, eyes on the prize

Passage II