The Passage I
by Peter Loaf

Gradíak the warrior, riding his steed
Underground passage, fortress to lead

Enemy massing, laying a siege
The message bringing, word from the liege

His pony Princess, one of the best
Swift strong and faithful, captured in west

Her past forgotten, her prideful fall
Space fairing people, she canít recall

The magic powder, blown up her nose
Her past forgotten, his will impose

Her planet distant, strong as three men
Carry a warrior, the work of ten

The passage flooded, forgotten mine
The message vital, knee deep in brine

The fortress holding, a few more days
Crushing invaders, their tents ablaze

Sound of carousing, off to the right
Enemy warriors, flickering light

Pony girl orgy, mounting their mounts
Caught with their pants down, his chance to pounce

Blood spilling slaughter, one against five
His axe of razor, leave none alive

Leading their ponies, into the fort
The starving army, their rations short

His message given, riding away
The secret passage, he dare not stay

His pony Princess, butchered for meat
His mount for mounting, his toothsome treat

Mission accomplished, safely away
Gradíak the warrior, his time to play

Passage I