Party Wear
by Peter Loaf

My leather cat suit, sexy and black
My Master helping, zipped under in back
Stiletto high heel
All part of the deal
Leg irons locking, the deck to stack

Fancy red ribbon, my big surprise
Stuff made to order, and just my size
Smooth shiny and cold
In slavery they hold
Wrists thumbs and collar, widen my eyes

Dressed for our party, our friends coming
Hobble down helpless, my pulse drumming
Iím swelling below
Get on with the show
Soaking through leather, pussy chumming

The doorbell ringing, I hobble fast
Bending and gripping, farewell the past
Door swinging open
Helpless slave hopiní
Our guests come streaming, the die is cast

Chuckles and squeezes, patting my rump
Zipper un-zipping, his finger plump
My Master looming
His subbie swooning
Six of two dozen, to doorbell jump

Door handle turning, un-zippered crotch
Backing up naked, too many watch
The slave is serving
Subbie lust perving
Bondage club meeting, wet tile splotch

Helpless in irons, zippers equipped
The cat suit stripping, in irons gripped
My body revealed
Keep your eyes peeled
Virgin white bottom, never been whipped

My subbie lusting, my needs to fill
Bondage club chatters, internet thrill
First ever meeting
E friends Iím greeting
Horny house party, undressed to kill

Party Wear