The Party
by Peter Loaf

Left on my lonesome, helpless and bare
Discomfort bondage, tied with great care
Shoulders on fire
Conditions dire
Shin to thigh bindings, going nowhere

My Master’s ointment, rubbed in my cunt
Burning sensation, deep in the hunt
Passion storm happens
Lash down the battens
The egg in my vulva, flopping I grunt

Pussy so swollen, needing to touch
Bound back behind me, my fingers clutch
The egg vibrating
My G spot dating
Foreplay for party, a little much

His gang of cronies, the bondage crew
A night in tied passion, ‘tis nothing new
Party treat passing
Storm clouds are massing
Clock slowly ticking, hands turning blue

Car in the barnyard, Master at last!
The back door opens, “Arrrgh and avast”
Mask wearing pirate
Tricky aunt violet
A dildo swinging, my strobing past

Witch magic knowing, my aunty Vi
The egg extracting, my butterfly
Filling my chasm
Forcing orgasm
Flutter kick fleeing, pussy lips pry

The house is filling, wearing their masks
Aunty Vi shilling, my passion gasps
Masquerade party
All hale and hearty
Fresh fucked and horny, that ointment lasts

Master stands watching, sardonic smile
Flopping fish fleeing, my longest mile
Hog tied and swollen
Spraying my pollen
Hardbound and helpless, busy awhile

The games they’re playing, my helpless bod
Subbie space floating, my soul unshod
Screaming in passion
Hand to hand passin’
The women ruthless, the men “Of God”

The ointment driving, libido fest
Master’s invention, only the best
A mask satanic
Flutter kick panic
Suitor insistent, and donkey blessed

Donkey dick stretching, gripping his meat
Hoisted to straddle, control complete
The crowd is gathered
My pussy lathered
Pinching my nipples, screaming defeat

The party mellows, the smell of smoke
Hardbound and horny, given a toke
Lesbian licker
Candle flame flicker
Hot wax comes dripping, the lighting stroke

Nipples and pussy, inside of thigh
Flopping fish writhing, high as the sky
Never so needy
Screaming grows reedy
Donkey Dick ready, for second try

The wax seal crumbles, welcomed within
For too long denied, spasms begin
His phallus filling
Hot juices spilling
Hardbound I’m coming, slave without sin

The party over, Master and me
Still in my bondage, sipping my tea
My Master I trust
Even when trussed
A night of hot passion, my whispered plea

The Party