Party Game
by Peter Loaf

Blindfolded naked, hobble around
Arm binder holding, in leather bound
Our pact it seals
One of His “Deals”
For the first hour, can’t make a sound

Leash on my collar, leading away
Taken to ball room, taken to play
Hiding reactions
No satisfactions
The stoic I’m playing, nothing betray

Hands in the darkness, faceless torment
Body responding, my rising scent
Inner me groaning
My screams postponing
Three fingers filling, by someone bent

A party favor, from hand to hand
Sexy and helpless, in great demand
First time endeavor
Stormy clouds gather
Upper class revels, subbie’s last stand

Bent over table, lifting my arms
Stretching my pussy, spearing my charms
Ankle shanks spreading
Know where we’re heading
French tickle condom, sound the alarms

My collar clipping, keep me in place
My nipples pinching, the other place
Little man swollen
Cock in my colon
Knobby vibrator, clitty ring chase

Still I’m resisting, nary a squeak
The blindfold lifting, taking a peek
The time is passing
Passion surpassing
Forty-Five minutes, seems like a week

Three holes no waiting, oh lucky girl
Three way the fucking, head in a whirl
Subbie lust sandwich
Fucking outlandish
Still keeping quiet, my precious pearl

The air horn honking, the hour done
Natural screamer, my wager won
Come covered subbie
My proud young hubby
The party popping, son of a gun

Party Game