Pain Management
by Peter Loaf

Lecture Hall crowded, stretched out before
Spread eagle shackles, wet to the core
Kick rattle wiggle
Bouncy bits jiggle
Anticipation, eager pain whore

Aunt Helen coming, rod in her fist
Grim faced determined, never been kissed
Fantasy tripping
Sanity slipping
Pain/pleasure session, you get the gist

Her hands are icy, so is her heart
Her fingers pinching, pain as an art
Quiver all over
Rolling in clover
The bippy whistles, now the good part

The stripe of fire, the slice of pain
Shackle kick straining, the rack detain
Given with measure
Pain whore in heaven, inside my brain

Spread eagle naked, two hundred eyes
The student body, my stifled cries
My pussy swelling
Screaming and yelling
Bottom presented, the passion prize

Aunt Helen watching, judging my heat
The bippy whistles, my bottom beat
My fire rising
I’m super sizing
Helpless and dripping, smelling so sweet

Glance over shoulder, standing behind
My lover learning, not to be kind
My secret sharing
Our perfect pairing
Take me my darling, needing the bind

Aunt Helen pauses, my welts caressed
Whimpering jelly, I’m truly blessed
Subbie space floating
Inner thighs coating
Pussy lips gulping, the wettest nest

“Come take advantage,” Aunt Helen says
“A shame to waste it, her passion pays
Coins in the bucket
You get to fuck it
Hot high and helpless, half in a daze”

My lover jumping, up on the stage
His organ bony, his hormones rage
The teacher grinning
“Only beginning”
My bottom spearing, turning the page

Shitter grip slipping, finger my clit
Spread eagle stretching, shuddering fit
My lover’s penis
The link between us
Pussy pink swollen, dribble and drip

My lover leaves me, rudely displayed
The bucket filling, students parade
There’s no denying
There’s no defying
Aunt Helen cackles, the un-kissed maid

Fucked to a frazzle, limp on the rack
I love this moment, après attack
Bottom bright burning
Tuition earning, cash in a sack

Close-ups and detail, the cameras shoot
Internet casting, pay per view loot
My lover unknowing
My secrets showing
His final testing, boudoir or boot

The shackles open, loving support
My lover loving, happy report
Our life together
Come stormy weather
Masters and subbies, favorite sport

Pain Management