Pain And Shame
by Peter Loaf

Moll Flanders live feed, the worldwide gate
Pleasure come riches, my natureís fate
My needs understood
Heís fucking me good
Stretching so fetching, first bondage date

Four way my bondage, wrists ankles hair
This place Iím staying, The Dragonís Lair
Club in the Catskills
Shivering chills
Gag mask and shackles, my foolish dare

Session with PD, up in his shed
Sitting on spindle, my tummy lead
Fingers on clitty
Tickle my kitty
Pinching tight nipples, chivalry dead

Blindfold effective, the inner dark
Bippy-stick whistles, leaving its mark
Gag garbled screaming
Like my wet dreaming
My fetish outing, Subbieís First Lark

Molly directing, jenny on board
PD my Master, protests ignored
Pussy lips tickle
Sitting on pickle
Motionless humping, my asshole gored

Visions in color, flashes of fright
Pinching my titties, gripping them tight
Weight lifting moment
Then back to torment
Smelling His pre-come, the darkest night

Fireworks flashing, behind my eyes
Orgasm seeking, my promised prize
Master slave breaking
My free will taking
Wide wet and helpless, my horny cries

My Lord and Master, finger feeling
My pulse is rapid, nasal squealing
My juices gushing
My wet dreams crushing
A cracker snapping, pussy peeling

Motionless dancer, spindle within
Pussy lips swollen, hot blushing skin
I canít move an inch
The sound of a winch
By hair Iím lifted, rising from pin

A second phallus, stretching around
Double fucked captive, lowered back down
Orgasmic shudder
Gushing love butter
Vibrating finger, my clitty found

Camera man zooming, focus and pan
Big plastic pony, far as it can
Shudder fuck grunting
Orgasms hunting
Motionless passion, dick stroking fan

My first orgasm, I knew I could
Slave state required, deep in my wood
My Devil denying
The crop applying
Inner thighs slapping, need understood

A truck stop hooker, never got here
Always illusive, getting so near
Faking at finish
Not getting my wish
PDís the Devil, up-shifting gear

PD the Pervert, internet fame
Master Disaster, demons too tame
My fatherís fetish
My secret relish
Sex and exposure, the pain and shame

Pain And Shame