Ostrich by Peter Loaf

by Peter Loaf

Head in the darkness, ass in the air
Naked and helpless, my burning pair
Master done whipping
Sanity slipping
Kow-Tow position, itís far from fair

Fingers in pussy, thumb in my bum
Slapping my fanny, making me cum
Sexy submission
Given permission
Master my Master, fucking begun

Thunder-fuck sliding, deep in my well
Body presented, ringing my bell
Hands on my boobies
Nipples like rubies
Pussy lips dripping, gripping His swell

Head in the cellar, ostrich detain
Clipping my clitty, weight on a chain
Thunder-fuck thrusting
Subbie lust trusting
Knobby cock busting, testicles drain

Fireworks flashing, spanking my ass
Double-quick pumping, given the gas
Clitty weight jumping
Helplessly humping
Master my Master, showing my class

Phallus withdrawing, slimy and slick
Master my Master, bending to lick
Clitty clamp loosing
Pussy spank goosing
Subbie lust burning, His ostrich trick

Second wind session, taking His time
Head in the cellar, reason no rhyme
The collar binding
His phallus finding
Bent and presented, subbie sublime