Orgasmizer II
by Peter Loaf

The address seedy, rough part of town
I follow orders, park underground
Pepper spray clutching
Overcoat touching
My nipples aching, looking around

On high heels hurry, late for my date
The lift deserted, and second rate
Seventh floor button
Subbie lust glutton
Camera lens painted, trusting to fate

Seven one seven, softly knocking
The door swings open, the scene shocking
A man in a mask
M-Master? I ask
Silently nodding, the door locking

Holding His hand out, silent demand
My coat I open, my fires fanned
Sweaty hot ready
Heartbeats unsteady
My fate is settled, my naked remand

The room is furnished, soundproof secure
Walls floor and ceiling, silence so pure
A bench of leather
The storms Iíll weather
Orgasmizer, the promised cure

Taking position, flat on my back
With ropes heís binding, given no slack
Spread eagle waiting
Dildo inflating
The motor grinding, endless attack

The dildo filling, thrusting within
Bippy stick whistles, torments begin
Foot bottom blisters
And nipple twisters
My clitty hitting, hurting like sin

Spread eagle bondage, subbie detained
The dildo pumping, pleasure sustained
The stimulation
The simulation
Orgasmizer, the subbie trained

Needing completion, needing to cum
A toothbrush tickles, insistent hum
The piston pumping
Screaming and humping
Pussy juice spurting, smelling of chum

Orgasmizer, switching to high
Dildo inflating, stretching my pie
My climax closing
Thereís no opposing
Bippy stick biting, my inner thigh

Orgasms crashing, elusive prize
My pussy clutching, my strangled cries
The motor slowing
My passion knowing
My Master watching, fire in eyes

The streets deserted, Iím driving home
My pussy swollen, dripping my foam
Overcoat staining
Iím not complaining
Orgasmizer, end of my poem

Orgasmizer II