by Peter Loaf

Shuffle in slowly, hoodwinked and blind
Naked fresh shaven, my way I find
Ankle shanks snubbing
Deep in my subbing
Shackled together, my back behind

My Master follows, a leather lead
The smell of bodies, needing to breed
My appetizer
An egg vibrating, on slowest speed

The wall of marble, the tongue machine
Licky slit slapping, rubbin’ my bean
Fixed in position
Subbie condition
Fuck me froth welling, into the scene

Body inverted, nothing denied
Hoodwinked and open, the other side
Escape prevented
Body presented
My pussy soaking, ready to ride

There comes a humming, biting impact
Tongue machine spinning, slap-ity slap
Lips red and stinking
Like a dog’s drinking
Orgasmizer, upended trap

Screaming my passion, the crowd around
Screaming for mercy, round after round
Orgasms training
I’m not complaining
Two hour session, passion newfound

The motor stopping, dragging away
Master so gentle, starting to play
Hoodwinked inverted
Purpose perverted
Liver lips suckle, pussy display