On The Beach
by Peter Loaf

The ocean steamer, striking the mine
The lifeboat lowered, so little time
The girl deserted
Her life inverted
Diving in water, girl in her prime

Finding some flotsam, a balk of wood
Screaming for rescue, hard as she could
The storming ocean
Its tossing motion
Lost at sea maiden, let go she should

With dawn an island, mile away
The current tugging, she stops to pray
The current fighting
A treetop sighting
Washed up exhausted, fading to gray

She jerks and struggles, can’t lift her head
Her eyes fly open, blinded instead
The sun bright shining
Small ropes entwining
Helpless in bondage, naked and spread

A question shouted, into her ear
She mumbles nonsense, shaking in fear
Vision returning
His size discerning
Her mind refusing, stripping a gear

Second time waking, she’s drawn a crowd
Land of the littles, the fiercely proud
Her bondage fighting
Narrow ropes biting
Climbing her curlies, her pubic cloud

Giantess captured, her fate discussed
Blushing and open, inciting lust
Pussy humongous
The smell unstrung us
Her strength returning, the lashings bust

Giantess roaring, stomping about
The littles scatter, a total rout
A hail from the sea
A place for to flee
Unthinking maiden, reason without

Six lusty sailors, girl all alone
Naked and stinking, harden the bone
From frying pan fire
Her future so dire
The beach deserted, giantess flown

On The Beach