Old Ball And Chain
by Peter Loaf

To party going, Hollywood hills
Back of a limo, they liked my stills
Agent beside me
Blanket to hide me
Driver ignoring, half naked chills

Gag of foam rubber, head harness snug
Hands cuffed behind me, wiggle and tug
To rear entrance going
My mind heís blowing
Our little secret, the greedy lug

Sharing His subbie, with the whole world
Outing my secret, colors unfurled
I donít have a say
In chains I display
Pussy lips swollen, invective hurled

Old Ball And Chain a

Carried through kitchen, chained in a ball
My agent Master, then down a hall
Left in a bedroom
Awaiting my doom
My pussy splitting, donít want to fall

Each wiggle hurting, nipples and clit
Head swimming passion, shuddering fit
Nowhere Iím going
Hot juices flowing
My fortress crumbles, pain whoring twit

The room is filling, Guccis abound
Ball tied and naked, gather around
Cigar smoke choking
Crudely theyíre joking
My agent winking, big money found

Old Ball And Chain b

Through nose Iím screaming, fall over flat
A bippy biting, lips of my cat
My kicking feet next
Orgasm perplexed
Pleasure/pain screaming, hot stove I sat

Audition over, signing my name
A movie contract, never the same
My passionate show
Iím gonna turn pro
Jackpot for agent, the porno game

When itís all over, two billion made
To South sea island, Master and maid
Our games unobserved
ďPunishmentsĒ deserved
Happy young couple, Ďtil pirate raid

Old Ball And Chain c