Street Cleaning, part 3
Officer Krupke
by Peter Loaf

The john was handsome, wealthy and slick
His limo cruising, his pickup sick
Cruising Big Apple
The back seat grapple
Black windows cover, post coital trick

His driver stopping, joining in back
Two on one struggle, under attack
The rope binding tight
The wet stormy night
Two on one fucking, the deck to stack

After it’s over, taken to park
Helpless half naked, wet cold and dark
The long drought ending
There’s no defending
Tossed into wallow, helpless mud lark

The thunder crashing, the pouring rain
Central Park empty, struggle in vain
Liberties taken
By luck forsaken
Mud wallow crawling, inches to gain

The cops patrolling, their slickers wet
Their horses walking, the lighting threat
By gag kerfuffled
My screaming muffled
The storm is raging, I cannot get

The water rising, inching up hill
My panic driving, nose screaming shrill
In mud I’m slipping
My bondage gripping
Reservoir empty, rapid refill

An inchworm humping, making the grade
Half naked helpless, and freshly laid
The rope restraining
Bondage detaining
The helpless hooker, dirty trick played

Horses come trotting, mud splashing sound
Face down and muddy, feet sloshing round
Helplessly hoping
Somebody groping
“How’s tricks Sweet Suzie? Lucky we found”

Lifting hands rolling, leaving the gag
To bent knees lifted, I cannot sag
“I see you met Roy.”
“He’s such a bad boy.”
Given a hosing, put in a bag

Still in my rigging, locked in the boot
Officer Krupke, dirty old coot
Warehouse deliver
Down by the river
The hooker booking, the photo shoot

Evidence gathered, finally released
Hot shower waiting, while palms are greased
Then into a cell
My new place to dwell
Street Cleaning Detail, the hooker seized

Cargo containers, hoisted aboard
Sold into slavery, some can afford
The whores disappear
Then down to the pier
Looting resources, justice ignored

Slow boat to Saudi, in center packed
Through customs clearing, containers stacked
The dregs deporting
There’s no reporting
Bank in the Caymans, money untracked

Officer Krupke