Off Off Road
by Peter Loaf

Blind date from Frisco, friend of a friend
Riding through mountains, to cabin wend
On Harley packing
My thoughts not tracking
Single track turning, the slope ascend

A mountain climbing, I hold on tight
The Harley struggles, tires don’t bite
The cabin ahead
I’m light in the head
First date in cabin? Tonight’s the night!

Life in the convent, the rules restrict
Three years a novice, needing some dick
Waking up panting
My vows recanting
Condemned to the world, needing it quick

My pen pal meeting, writing for years
Her friend from Frisco, having some beers
When weekend proposed
My pussy blush rose
Taken to mountain, sum of all fears

The Harley parking, rustic cabin
His mountain hideout, sudden grabbin’
His nice guy dropping
Some feels he’s copping
Choke collar shackles, captive nabbin’

“But Pete I’m willing, cherry too ripe”
“I’m convent virgin, you’re just my type”
A leash to tether
A tickle feather
But first a stripping, criminy cripe

To low branch tethered, hands cuffed behind
Hot dreams remembered, Master’s unkind
Pen pal describing
Her friend prescribing
First ever bondage, lust in a bind

My fear I’m facing, hunting it down
Fantasies filling, sold by the pound
The slave broken in
A prick on my skin
Drop of blood smearing, helpless and bound

The feather sharpened, my rising fear
My nipple pricking, his pervy leer
Pussy juice spraying
Passion displaying
Clitty head swelling, smelling Him near

By choker tethered, overhead bough
Feather light touches, I’m coming now
Pinwheels and rockets
Eyes out of sockets
Strung up for fucking, big as a cow

Some high heels strapping, my titty squeezed
A pleasant moment, tether released
He’s up hill leading
His purpose breeding
Helpless I follow, butt in the breeze

A Biker’s campground, eighteen I see
My blind date bangers, spraying hot pee
More fantasies filling
Captive unwilling
For lost time making, oh my oh me

To bikers shouting, “Her cherry mine!”
“Then you can have her, play the back nine”
My Master’s command
“Come strike up the band”
Bent over double, tied in a bind

The first one tiny, limp and narrow
My bum he’s greasing, his finger arrow
A slap and a sting
My subbie to bring
Wonderland visit, Lewis Carroll

My first rodeo, my maiden voyage
Little prick sticking, almost a boy’s
Learning relaxing
Shitty dicks taxin’
Clitty nub tickle, my Master toys

Empty and aching flowering folds
A biker beside, my nipple holds
Clitty prick feather
My stormy weather
My ass accepting, much bigger loads

The biker scooting, under my face
Long hard and smelly, I’m saying grace
A ring gag strapping
My Master tapping
Hot bippy striping, some distant place

High hot orgasmic, virgin and pure
My pussy tickled, taking the cure
One need remaining
My Master claiming
Lifted hips shoving, taken full tour

My cherry popping, His ripper hard
My virgin pussy, coated in lard
After a moment
My thoughts in foment
His hips start grinding, my gates un-bared

Guy in my tonsils, smoking a joint
Gag gargle gasping, deep throat anoint
My Master driving
For pleasure striving
Orgasm promised, important point

By dawn exhausted, limp as their cocks
Taken to woodshed, a pair of cots
Pen Pal spread eagle
But looking regal
Princess in pokey, loving it lots

The captive giggles, from the next bed
Spread eagle sisters, in the woodshed
The Bikers brawling
The drunkards falling
Master protecting, keeping us fed

My pen pal whispers, “Think he’s asleep?”
Silently mouthing, “He’s snoring deep”
“I told you he’s fun”
“He’s my number one”
“Takes time and effort, promises keep”

Biker gang riding, not looking back
My Master Masters, tough keeping track
Endless wet dreaming
The triple teaming
Sausage Fest summer, given no slack

The nun remaining, my guilty trip
My need exceeding, my pussy drip
Master my Master
My Lord and pastor
Pleasure addicted, in bondage grip

Wet dream repeated, canalized drive
Hurting and helpless, coming alive
My kink is my link
So deeply I drink
Pussy responding, orgasmic strive

Off Off Road