by PeterLoaf

Master Disaster, walking through door
subbie submissive, down on the floor
Sweaty suit waiting, open the pore
subbie in service, eager young whore
Waiting for mating, wet to the core
Bondage completing, His happy chore

Fixed up so helpless, straps buckled tight
Ankles wrists shoulders, she cannot fight
her nasal screaming, head feeling light
her body sweating, high as a kite
Master plan working, tonight’s the night
Package wrap plastic, passion ignite

Ball bundle bondage, knees tight to chest
Arms high and useless, knowing what’s best
subbie so willing, passing the test
Master fulfilling, dreams of His guest
Hot helpless session, subbie obsessed
Foreplaying couple, next the molest


Wrapping in plastic, tighten and seal
Wrapping in passion, subbie to feel
Master so thorough, her nasal squeal
Heady hot helpless, Hell of a deal
slave honey flowing, it seems so real
Package wrapped subbie, a side of veal

Time left to simmer, a stewing brew
Nasal protesting, needing a screw
Pheronones fountain, her stinking phew
Needing n’pleading, her helpless mew
Master Disaster, one of the few
Careful Chef watching, the stewing roux

Patience rewarded, passion dish done
Pussy cums steaming, no-where to run
Wiggle scream rolling, having her fun
Zipper fuck open, give her the gun
Passion stick sliding, dog ina bun
Tight pussy pleasure, oblivion