Oarsmenís Reward
by Peter Loaf

The biggest fucker, I ever saw
Bulging black muscles, seven feet tall
Helpless deliver
Sold up the river
Shackled and collared, chained to the wall

The shadows gather, I cannot fight
Big fucker carries, holding me tight
Gag garbled pleading
His foreskin beading
The sunbeam shining, holdís only light

Hands on my body, finding me wet
The very last fucking, Iíll ever get
Pony cock hardened
Prisoner pardoned
The Sweetest Reward, you better bet

Terror breeds passion, his heated meat
My lips are dripping, smelling so sweet
Thunder-fuck thrusting
My asshole busting
Finger-fuck fiddle, the jungle beat

Screaming in passion, kicking in hurt
Spanking my pussy, the urine spurt
The reaper riding
Love muscle gliding
High in my colon, his jizzum squirt

The oarsmenís reward, men in the hold
The horny sailors, the pirates bold
Their mission over
Deep in the clover
Their slave girl party, the story old

The others grumble, wanting their turn
Subbie space voyager, full body burn
Passion/pain bubble
Girl in big trouble
Sold by my Master, our passage to earn

Oarsmenís Reward