Note By The Door
by Peter Loaf


Businessman tired, day of cold calls
A drink hes needing, his aching balls
A note by the door
He wants to ignore
Finally succumbing, the veil it falls

His wifes handwriting, the bottom signed
Sexy proposal, written in rhyme
His eyes going wide
Guts churning inside
He begins reading, in 5/4 time

The Note:

Hubbie my lover, straight as a string
Internet lonely, excitement bring
Cruising the postings
For bondage mostings
Password protected, innocence cling

Drawn like an insect, to subbie life
Master and subbie, an end to strife
I love you I do
My head in a stew
I want what I want, And stay your wife

I love you darling, I want you near
Want you to Master, your subbie dear
A Master I Trust
Im waiting in lust
Come to the basement, all will come clear


His footsteps crossing, the kitchen floor
My fear is spiking, my distant shore
Self bondage waiting
Ready for mating
High wide and swollen, waiting since four

His call is puzzled, steps on the stair
He stops in wonder, he stops to stare
I cannot reply
Im meeting his eye
Wrist and leg shackles, in-season mare

My note hes holding, his face blushing
Positioned perfect, pussy gushing
The building suspense
The moment so tense
Stony face softens, my side rushing

The bit removing, so I can talk
Tickle clit touching, squeaking like chalk
A little rubbie?
My secret subbie?
My secret also. Eyes of a hawk

Two married strangers, never suspected
Vanilla only, felt neglected
My itch never scratched
That door was latched
Plotting rewarded, lust infected

My need grows urgent, for crop I beg
Quickly obliging, smacking my leg
Subbie lust rising
Im supersizing
Thumb spearing anus, big as an egg

Time out for blowjob, sniffing head cheese
Face down and helpless, down on my knees
Once a month lover
Orgasms hover
Flogging hot pussy, whole body sneeze

His semen cheesy, Swallow it down!
Masterly Master, coming around
Hes stiff and dripping
My vulva gripping
My dreams fulfilling, pleasure unbound

The beginning.

The Note by the Door