No Escape
by Peter Loaf

Ankles spread eagle, Venus and Mars
My boobies pinching, fixed through the bars
Bippy stick hissing
Bottom cheeks kissing
My body burning, Iím seeing stars

My Master chuckles, tickle and tease
Pussy lips spreading, smelling of cheese
His dick is dripping
The sticks are gripping
Escape no option, Iím bound to please

His fingers spreading, His rooting juice
Pepper sauce burning, my pussy loose
My bummer poking
My screams provoking
My titties suffer, my nipples bruise

Hand bound and helpless, feelings betray
My body burning, Iím on display
Bippy stick biting
My bondage fighting
Master tormentor, my feet of clay

Subbie space sailor, deep in my lust
Clitty tip diamond, my Master cussed
My nipples licking
The bippy sticking
Nowhere Iím going, my cracking crust

Dildo vibrating, G spot massage
Pinched nipples suckle, sexy collage
Pain pleasure peaking
My comets streaking
My Master Masters, senses montage

No escape needed, passion shelters
Bippy stick whistles, bottom welter
Tinkle bells clipping
Pussy lips dripping
Pussy juice squirting, helter skelter

His organ pointing, gripping my hips
My open anus, his foreskin strips
Humping and stumping
Pumping and jumping
My asshole spearing, my anus grips

Bound and delivered, popsicle stick
His dick within me, into my quick
Screaming in passion
Pinched boobies mashiní
Pepper sauce pleasure, my Master sick

Night in white satin, passing His test
Witch Hazel soothing, our pleasure nest
Ying and yang fitting
Iím never quitting
Cooing we cuddle, my Master best

No Escape