Night of the Ninja
by Peter Loaf

My fury restrained, my bottom caned
For sins condemned, on horse detained
Waist cinch and lashing
My chips Iím cashing
Ass up and waiting, the lumber stained

Caning horse holding, Iím tightly strapped
The Masterís orders, my fanny slapped
Hands stretching away
A butt up display
Waiting I wiggle, completely trapped

Face in a hollow, strap on my neck
I can see nothing, held in tight check
My ears still working
My captors lurking
Tickle touch clitty, closely inspect

Hot hands and greasy, my body oiled
My skin soon burning, being broiled
Footsies exposed
And rubber hosed
Pepper sauce rubbing, reserve foiled

I hear a whistle, the nearest miss
A gentle tapping, the barest kiss
My freedom needed
My womb unseeded
My swollen pussy, Sheís loving this

Evil twin sister, hiding inside
Horny dare devil, along for the ride
My Master is pissed
The top of His list
Whipping horse gripping, the hose applied

A distant screaming, seems far away
My bottom flaming, I cannot stray
And floating above
On the wings of a dove
I watch myself coming, Sheís on display

From hoses to bippies, tenderized meat
Three men keep busy, my body to beat
Unconscious falling
Sisterís faint calling
Still on the horsey, a carnal treat

His cock is stretching, my pea-coat sleeve
His slave heís serving, no need to grieve
My bottom aflame
My spirit untamed
Use me my Master, magic achieve

A sudden crashing, screams of alarm
Phallus withdrawing, Masterís short arm
Suddenly silence
An end of violence
Hand on my bottom, new Masterís charm

The Ninja warriors, class warfare greats
The shoguns trembled, their changing fates
Never relaxing
Life becomes taxing
Owning great wealth, their death awaits

Night of the Ninja