by Peter Loaf

Tossing and turning, so hot and dry
Her skin is burning, an egg would fry
In wet sheets wrapping
She dreams of trapping
Fantasies fearsome, gag muffled cry

A wax museum, a dungeon dank
Some slimy creatures, swim in a tank
The spider biting
The shadowed lighting
Fever dream horror, the cell door’s clank

Subhuman monster, standing at door
His cock humongous, dripping on floor
The sisters waiting
Hard tied for dating
Fear swollen pussy, wet to the core

The wrist ropes breaking, “Come little one”
His monster organ, the fugue begun
His foreskin stripping
Her vulva ripping
Passion dance standing, the deed soon done

Turning on sister, spread eagled stance
Her pussy open, hasn’t a chance
Pleading and sobbing
The gag ball robbing
The monster grinning, his meaty lance

Her hips he’s gripping, pulling her close
His dripping missile, curling her toes
Spreader bar snapping
Her long legs wrapping
His organ thrusting, her bleeding rose

Her fever breaking, ‘twas but a dream
She’s still a virgin, her un-split seam
The nightmare horror
His monster borer
A secret smile, a secret gleam