The Night Visitor
by Peter Loaf

I stand here naked, bag full of tricks
Shackles and ball-gag, my lips I licks
My birthday surprise
An end to the lies
I want my Masters, I need their dicks

Ball gagging subbie, swallow my pride
Nipple chains tugging, some rouge applied
Nipple rings burning
Subbie points earning
Kneeling there naked, storming inside

Garage floor gravel, hurting my shins
Hubby and brother, Masterful twins
Perfect twin brothers
Two different mothers
Submission complete, the wait begins

My bridges burning, I raise my hand
The hanging shackle, closing steel band
Helplessly tethered
In stormy weathered
Waiting for midnight, subbie’s last stand

The sun just setting, the darkness creeps
Their shift soon over, my tummy leaps
Double team tandem
Nipples demandin’
Lower lips swelling, pussy juice seeps

Sounds in the darkness, rustle and squeak
Whiskers come touching, my bottom cheek
My surging panic
Almost satanic
His family follows, my wetness seek

Wiggle and struggle, nibble and lick
Ankles in shackles, I cannot kick
Nipple chains jerking
Coffee pot perking
Pitch black and helpless, sub up the crick

Orgasmic captive, gushing my lust
Pheromones dripping, muddy the dust
A motor humming
Their subbie coming
Sudden light blinding, the twins I trust

A van comes rolling, squeaking rats flee
Shackled orgasmic, sub up a tree
Stranger dismounting
Pheromones founting
Stocking mask hidden, down on his knee

“The Master brothers, sent me along”
I try to deny, gag muffled song
Hands on my boobies
Pinching my rubies
Finger exploring, thrusting and long

Gag ball removing, ring gag replace
My ears he’s gripping, his musky taste
Gag gargle gasping
Shackled hands clasping
Long hard and potent, fucking my face

After he’s finished, lifted to feet
Hobble step shuffle, strapped to my seat
Hands cuffed behind me
Wadding to stymie
Hoodwinked and helpless, kidnap complete

The highway noises, the traffic sounds
A dirt road taken, my heart it pounds
The final quiet
A cricket riot
Stumble trip shuffle, baying of hounds

“Catch you we fuck you, the only rule”
Hobble chain loosened, the night air cool
Hoodwink removing
Prospects improving
The Master twins grinning, their sabers duel

The Night Visitor