Night To Remember
by Peter Loaf

The party’s over, and just begun
The guests departed, all but the one
Night to remember
Month of December
Deep in the doodoo, fun by the ton

Pillory holding, wrists throat and knees
Body presented, she’s bound to please
Slipped her a Mickey
More than a quickie
Waking up groggy, no more to tease

Her host and hostess, lusty and rich
A handsome bastard, beautiful bitch
Decadent twosome
Their captive toothsome
Passionate prison, under the switch

Screaming and begging, welts burning bright
Ring gag and blindfold, wood holding tight
Fingers find center
Knowing tormentor
Passion comes crashing, flashes of light

Bottom bright burning, vibrating thing
Head cheese she’s smelling, riding crop’s sting
Gargle choke sucking
Tonsils he’s fucking
Passions bright promise, decadent fling

Night to remember, tongue in her twat
Double teamed captive, screaming and hot
Merciless Master
Fucking her faster
Nipple tips suckle, forget me not

Morning comes creeping, released at dawn
Captive collapsing, come covered fawn
Night to remember
Month of December
Hot tub inviting, sleepy they yawn