Night Cargo
by Peter Loaf

Thick leather restraints, wrists ankles throat
Body exposing, hold of a boat
The captive trapping
The crewmen clapping
Twenty-one sailors, the tethered goat

The hardwood pallet, the waiting game
Unbroken fury, blushing in shame
A spotlight blinding
The chains are binding
Wide wet and ready, fury to tame

The crowd around me, joking and crude
Circle jerk forming, freighter well crewed
Abu Dahbi bound
Just steaming around
White slaver rapists, power imbued

The shadowed figures, I smell their lust
Five way restraining, I cannot bust
Iím theirís for taking
No difference making
They have the power, its so unjust

Taken sun baithing, isle of Capri
A man from the bar, my drinks for free
Next thing remembered
Feeling dismembered
Chained as you see me, Simon Legre

New slave recruting, cargo so old
Shipping to Master, deep in the hold
Fixed up for training
Fixed up for caning
Screaming erupting, gonna be sold

The torment stopping, my ass aflame
Hard member spanking, its all the same
My pussy dripping
His penis slipping
Then into anus, staking His claim

Unbroken fury, screaming in pains
His sword heís sheathing, reaching hind brains
Pain/pleasure swelling
Pheromones smelling
Thumb on my clitty, my bladder drains

The next one gentle, bigger than most
His member standing, my pussy host
A link we forged
My pussy engourged
Bordello fated, Persian Gulf coast

Out of Gibraltar, south to the Cape
The slaver sailing, the daily rape
Orgasms training
Kicking and straining
New slave girl breaking, never escape

Night Cargo