by Peter Loaf

The Newgate prison, the darkest night
The maiden shivers, her desperate plight
A traitor accused
The King not amused
Her father’s daughter, the ropes so tight

Held as a hostage, deep underground
The darkness complete, a creaking sound
The guard comes creeping
The stocks are keeping
Her dress ripped open, her wrists are bound

Flint and steel noises, a blinding spark
The candles lighting, the scene so stark
Spread legged helpless
She better confess
Her virgin pussy, intentions dark

He kneels beside her, his fingers feel
Her body open, her senses reel
Tickle clit teasing
Nipple tips squeezing
Nipple suck slobber, it seems unreal

His fingers probing, her maidenhead
Her pussy open, her legs are spread
Pussy lips swelling
Rising scent telling
The captured traitor, better off dead

His boner growing, stretching his tights
The maiden shivers, her bondage fights
Tickle lick suckle
His knowing chuckle
The traitor accused, she has no rights

Her legs releasing, his tights are down
The maiden waiting, her pussy hound
Wrist bondage holding
Pussy enfolding
Maidenhead bursting, a popping sound

The pain comes sweeping, driving within
The captive screaming, bug on a pin
His member throbbing
For mercy sobbing
Bloody dick ripping, again and again

The pain abating, as do her screams
Her pussy pinking, oozing its creams
His passion pumping
Her hips start humping
The pleasure rising, just like her dreams

His member throbbing, tight in her grip
His hands are mashing, high on her trip
Pain/pleasure peaking
Pain/pleasure seeking
The captive traitor, letting it rip

His cock withdrawing, still in its prime
Her pussy bloody, mixed with her slime
A ring gag strapping
Ankle stocks trapping
Her face he’s fucking, mountain to climb

Gag gargle choking, deep in her throat
The captive traitor, she gets no vote
His ragged breathing
His seed bequeathing
Her ears he’s gripping, tonsils to coat

Her bondage changing, hand and foot stocks
Ass up and ready, clicking of locks
Her bum is buttered
The candles guttered
His organ thrusting, still hard as rocks

Fucking and sucking, maiden no more
The stocks deliver, a perfect whore
The maiden not waiting
Freedom abating
Traitor well broken, the furthest shore

Morning she’s taken, up to the court
Lounging King listens, the guard’s report
Her passion proven
Her dress removin’
Sent to His harem, used for His sport