Mop Up
by Peter Loaf

Forest primeval, miles from the car
My hubby and me, watching the star
Alien spacer
Galactic racer
Decrees delivered, coming so far

Our planet claiming, right of conquest
Our weapons nothing, failing the test
Overlords taking
Foundation shaking
Fleeing to mountains, our freedom quest

The cities emptied, the slaver fleet
The people harvest, defeat complete
Alien Power
In caves we cower
Merciless methods, needing fresh meat

Overlords sensing, a stunning beam
Waking up naked, a fever dream
Tentacles tickle
Girl in a pickle
Alien science, my dripping cream

Their faces fuzzy, their focus soft
Pheromones founting, arms held aloft
Naked young native
The urge creative
Alien Masters, they’re whacking off

My hubby screaming, tied to a tree
Alien females, out on a spree
Tickle lick suckle
His knees can’t buckle
Pheromone harvest, smelling like brie

Alien Masters, gathered around
My legs they’re spreading, my pussy found
Surging endorphing
Tentacle morphing
Penis enormous, stretching around

Spread eagle hanging, alien rape
Body reacting, I can’t escape
Phallus hot throbbing
My free will robbing
Tangled string puppet, pussy agape

Hanging and helpless, under their care
Widely spread eagle, scent on the air
Their power growing
My juices flowing
Fucking and sucking, to be my share

Hubby exhausted, drained of his spunk
His juices dribble, his future sunk
My future brighter
My bondage tighter
Fuel unit kidnapped, to spacer bunk

Mop Up