by Peter Loaf

They came and got her, a jungle raid
Her mother murdered, the troop betrayed
Specimen caging
Collection staging
Taken to city, in zoo displayed

History forgotten, back to the trees
The humans blew it, famine disease
The global warming
Plenty of warning
Cities abandoned, brought to their knees

Nearing extinction, their power gone
Planet recovers, the centuries long
The power evolving
The wheel revolving
Apes taking over, righting the wrong

Using resources, exhausted earth
The apes discover, the real worth
Global stability
The apes awaken, cities rebirth

The humans hiding, in jungle deep
The apes come searching, as pets they keep
Hairless condition
A mercy mission
And used for bedding, as harlots cheap

Monkeyfucked humans, exotic taste
Their passionís promise, never to waste
The Ape ruling class
They never can pass
Naked ape fucking, social disgrace

Housebroken human, docile and sweet
Naked ape hooker, afternoon treats
His gentle caress
You could never guess
Monkeyfuck frenzy, Mastery complete