Mongolís Right by Peter Loaf

Mongolís Right
by Peter Loaf

Two naked sisters, hung in the sun
Captives unhappy, the battle won
On edge theyíre sitting
Pussy lips splitting
By Mongols conquered, pillage begun

Rattle the shackles, needing to scream
Pain of the angels, the terror dream
The treasure hidden
To tell forbidden
Ten Mongols waiting, cocks dripping cream

Gravity pulling, the sharpened edge
Their pussies splitting, the pressing wedge
Shudder buck hurting
Confession blurting
ďThe treasure buried, end of the hedge!Ē

The Mongols grinning, taking them down
Pussies exploding, agony found
Bound in a basket
A wicker casket
Two screaming sisters, sold by the pound

The Chieftain chuckles, his private joke
His hookah bubbles, taking a toke
Sexy slave subbies
Three little rubies
Fingers intruding, tickle and poke

The wicker opened, one lifted out
To cushions carried, ready to mount
Pussy lips dripping
Her nipple gripping
Twisting and pinching, pheromones fount

Arms bound in leather, legs folded tight
Helpless in harness, no way to fight
Face in the cushion
Ass in position
Thunder fuck coming, the Mongolís right

Mongolís Right