by Peter Loaf

The Mirkwood forest, the elveish Queen
Caught by the spiders, horrible scene
A web the’re rigging
Some holes they’re digging
The rescue party, her warning scream

Hidden holes waiting, bodyguard crew
The dwarves come charging, they always do
Spider bite poison
Frozen dwarves posing
Spider webs rigging, some within view

She fights her bondage, the sticky cord
Weapon discarded, her elven sword
Her mission failing
Her death entailing
Message to Endor, the evil hoard

The spiders gather, clickity speech
The one exorting, a sudden screech
On tallons carried
By eagles ferried
Gandalf the Wizard, Endor to reach

Flying in sunlight, swinging coccoon
King of the eagles, granting this boon
The shining tower
The gathered power
The war clouds building, it’s starting soon

Still in her wrapping, dropped on the ground
Bodyguards plopping, still tightly bound
Sitcky cords dealing
A cloak concealing
Taken by Gandolf, warning gongs sound

Message delivered, the armies form
The gates of Mordor, gathering storm
Enemy within
It just has to end
Good verses evil, no one will mourn

The allied races, marching to war
The eagles scouting, gates of Mordor
The darkness gathered
The Orcs are lathered
Trolls and their drivers, standing before

Their numbers swelling, both deep and wide
The war clouds darken, the dry divide
The challenge shouting
The Ring Wraiths mounting
The Battle Royal, future decide

Mounted on dragons, burning great swathes
The eagles swooping, tallons like sithes
Dragons death sprial
Orchs in denial
Goblins and Nazgul, fighting for prize

Ring bearer sneaking, in the back way
Sauron distracted, looking away
The forge awaiting
Evil abating
The forging furness, Frodo’s dismay

His Precious watching, Golum attacks
Screaching falsetto, “Give us it backs”
He’s biting it free
He’s spinning to flee
Rocky path crumbles, footing he lacks

“I Have My Precious!” falling to death
His finger finding, holding his breath
The lava explodes
The mountain disrobes
Lava engulfing, the depth and breadth

Back to the high ground, allies survive
Rescued by eagles, Frodo Samwise
The Shire reclaimed
The Evil is tamed
Sailing for sunset, elvish sunrise