Millpond Rendezvous
by Peter Loaf

Conjugal visit, down by the stream My chains Iím wearing, the metal gleam
My Master will come
As soon as they drum
Sharp horns and goat hooves, the demon team

The Churchmen mumble, I get the gist
My demon trapping, top of their list
His trap theyíre baiting
The devil hating
Accused witch drowning, ankles to wrists

The big drumís thunder, millpond boiling
Hot stink of sulfur, the holy foiling
His horns rising first
The churchmen dispersed
Conjugal visit, tail un-coiling

Hands and feet shackled, spread like a clam
The Millpond empties, zapping the dam
The village flattened
Sacrifice fattened
His semen potent, His penis jam

Millpond Rendezvous