by Peter Loaf

The lonesome mansion, high on the hill
The taxi leaving, my sudden chill
The steps ascending
The rules Iím bending
I set off climbing, an act of will

The view tremendous, ringing the bell
Sun setting magic, colors of Hell
The door creaks open
Subbie lust hopiní
The shadowed entry, the darkest well

The darkness crowded, the door they close
The muttered promise, ripping my clothes
A gag shaped pecker
Vibrating stretcher
Titty-clipped pussy, red as a rose

Spreader bar buckled, below my knees
Dancing demented, gag muffled pleas
The crop snap-snapping
My passion trapping
Thumb up my bummer, coated with grease

Vibrating lover, shoved in my cunt
Licky slit buzzing, deep in the hunt
My titties burning
Royalties earning
Moll Flanders mansion, run by the Runt

Shortest prick ever, inch and a half
Fat cock becoming, suppress a laugh
Whispered endearments
Enter in rearments
Thrashing orgasmic, fish on a gaff

Molly and Jenny, filming our lust
Internet casting, ready to bust
My subbie lusting
Some think disgusting
Others pay dearly, the upper crust

Limply withdrawing, dripping his seed
My bottom lacing, subbie lust treed
Dancing and prancing
Passion enhancing
The cracker cracking, feeding my need

My juices flowing, scent in the air
Two players playing, just isnít fair
Another coming
My heartbeats drumming
Hung like a stallion, mounting a mare

Greasy stretched anus, pried open wide
Choking and gasping, taken for ride
Pony prick probing
Inner lights strobing
Subbie lust busting, my stripy hide

Pain/pleasure/passion, itís all mixed up
Vibrating pussy, my clenching cup
Clitty pinch nipples
Pain/pleasure ripples
Subbie lust dripping, well beaten pup

Merciless lovers, victim well tied
Orgasmic release, strictly denied
Torture of needing
Gag garbled pleading
Nipple clips ripping, spurting inside

Then it is over, a check is cut
Given hew clothing, my stripy butt
No beach for a week
Iím up the creek
Lusty sub needing, deep in my rut

The taxi waiting, bottom of stairs
My fortune making, the blue chip shares
My pussy itching
Mini skirt hitching
Subbie lust needing, the driver stares

Fucked to a frazzle, back on the road
My eyes grow heavy, the row Iíve hoed
Blinking I waken
The hostage taken
Trunk of the taxi, the sneaky toad