Meat Market
by Peter Loaf

Meat market driver, I buzz him in
Itís early morning, sunrise begin
Big order today
Joking with Ray
Butcher boy driver, shark minus fin

Head in a blanket, pushed to the floor
No one to rescue, bullet proof door
Linebacker tackles
Snap locking shackles
My screams ignoring, my panties tore

Gasping hot stuffy, ankles suspend
Belt buckle opened, my pants ascend
The blanket binding
My windpipe winding
Wrist shackles rattle, cannot defend

Fingers exploring, twiddle and pinch
A dildo sliding, a big ten inch
A gag pushed inside
All ready to ride
Swinging from meat hook, electric winch

Refer truck smuggled, cooler turned off
Swinging from ankles, off to His loft
Old factory attic
Gag muffled panic
Meat trolley rolling, gasping I cough

Blanket removing, His side of prime
Head down and helpless, sex slave sublime
Never suspected
Closely inspected
Dildo removing, ďIts fucking time!Ē

Wide collar buckled, a hoisting rope
Hung up for fucking, Iíve been a dope
My hands tethered down
Strapado hard bound
Axle grease rubbing, trying to cope

His trousers tenting, his zipper breaks
His pants discarded, he comes and takes
My nature hidden
It comes un-bidden
Subbie slut eager, my passion makes

Pony cock sliding, every bump felt
Thumb on my clitty, gripping my belt
Heís stretching my sheath
Meat hook beneath
Ice maiden disguise, starting to melt

His pony stroking, my pussy clench
Butcher boy skillful, His monkey wrench
My breathing ragged
His captive bagged
Getting a facial, submissive wench

After the party, Iím taken down
Taken to hot tub, still shackle bound
Muscles relaxing
Ransom note faxing
Toking and joking, my Master found

Meat Market