Looking Glass
by Peter Loaf

Looking Glass

Mirror of mirrors, hung on the wall
The past is calling, taking the fall

The ancient castle, I roam at night
Its secrets many, coming to light

Byzantine palace, blood money paid
The Chieftains’ daughter, a slave I’m made

I see her clearly, she looks like me
Naked she’s tethered, we cannot flee

Standing there rooted, watching the show
Mirror revealing, myself to know

The slave instinct strong, I keep it hid
Image compelling, scenes from my id

A Master enters, fall to my knees
The slave-pose taken, eager to please

Body presented, youthful and slim
The Master hulking, out on a limb

Handcuffed and collared, we kiss his tool
Gargle choke swallow, we go to school

Slave girl in shackles, does what she must
I watch in rapture, dripping my lust

His iron hardened, our pussy hot
The slave gets ravished, with all he’s got

Rattle chain screaming, without a sound
Fucking and sucking, holding our ground

Our wrists are lifted, bent we present
Our pussy swollen, nothing prevent

Hard ridden filly, subbie deluxe
Fantasies filling, the thunder fucks

Computer magic, mind reading app
Safety switch holding, Venus fly trap

Fantasies living, without the risk
Master disaster, enter the list