by Peter Loaf

A crew of cutthroats, a helpless girl
Taken from cruise ship, overboard hurl
In bondage waking
My stock Iím taking
The motor pulling, their flag unfurl

Skull and crossed bones, a field of black
At flagstaff flutters, their weapons racked
Walking in moonlight
The deck lit so bright
Men in moon-shadows, pirate attack

Rowed from the harbor, gagged with wadding
The prick of a knife, windpipe prodding
A shadow sliding
A tarp for hiding
Modern white slavers, doing their thing

The longboat driving, the open sea
Head in the sacking, needing to see
My hands tied behind
My feet in a bind
My body aching, needing to pee

The hours passing, the sun it crawls
The hands caressing, the stink of balls
My nipples pinching
My nose is itching
The motor slowing, a seabird calls

The longboat landing, lee of some rocks
The captive carried, with stiffened cocks
An outcrop sitting
The girl unwitting
Begging for mercy, the wadding blocks

Head bag removing, blinded by sun
Bag of gold taking, slavery begun
The cutthroats leaving
Their goal achieving
The slave left waiting, someone will come

An hour passes, the tide is rising
The seagulls circle, high ground prizing
Helpless and hampered
Unhappy campered
I wiggle uphill, compromising

The slave girlís problem, will to survive
I know my future, some sleazy dive
Slave traders evil
The trade primeval
Fighting the hunger, sexual drive

Sex tourist business, needing new meat
My pure demeanor, my hidden heat
Subbie lust bubbles
A girl with troubles
A hail from a boat, wet dream complete