by Peter Loaf

Bondage my secret, the lonesome sex
Too straight my hubby, to ever vex
Self tied and tortured, my lonely treks
Handcuff key frozen, my final hex

Wiggle and struggle, bridges burning
Hogtied and helpless, tummy churning
Wishing for Master, my private yearning
Trusting my problem, slowly learning

Ice cube not melting, something is wrong!
Its no longer cold, its been so long
Fumble touch question, the doorbell gong!
Fake plastic ice cube, my panic song

“Honey, you decent?” Outside the door
“Gimmie a minute!” Wet to the core
Hubby home early, never before
Pheromones founting, lonesome no more

Door opens grinning, caught on the bed
Hogtied and horny, pussylips red
Hubby, he chuckles, the cat well fed
Handcuff key holding, gonna get bred