by Peter Loaf

A piece of candy, stuck on a stick
Naked and waiting, two o’clock prick
Ring gag and blindfold, time stretching trick
Hear someone coming, the camera’s click

Hand touching tender, tickle and poke
Pussy juice dripping, chuckling bloke
Pleading for mercy, going for broke
Fanny pat slapping, making a joke

Buzzing vibrator, tickle my feet
A kiss so tender, lingering sweet
Lollypop licking, a special treat
Vibrator probing, helpless complete

Slipping within me, jackhammer hum
G spot massaging, tight as a drum
Been here for hours, fe fi fo fum
Lollypop licking, needing to cum

Holding for ransom, daddy come quick
These guys are nasty, stuck on a stick
Hard bound and open, I scream and kick
Passion my ration, it’s really sick

A ladder dragging, greasing my mutt
A presence sensing, ready to rut
His phallus touching, I cannot shut
His phallus thrusting, fucking my butt

Lollypop captive, passionate dance
Faceless my rapist, lacking romance
Spanking my bottom, passion enhance
My pussy dripping, needing his lance

Left on my lonesome, still in my fix
Three o’clock service, taking my licks
Lollypop captive, pain pleasure mix
Cane whistle cutting, the dirty pricks

The ransom coming, drop in the park
Still in my bondage, wandering dark
Father’s voice calling, my terror stark
Kidnappers preying, leaving their mark