Lofty Ambitions
by Peter Loaf

To tower headed, the highest floor
Musty old building, brave little whore
Film crew and Molly
PD by golly
A porno shooting, through soundproof door

The sudden quiet, smell of the fair
My bathrobe taking, leaving me bare
The Star attraction
The sexy action
PD my costar, credits to share

Highest ambition, a movie star
PD and Molly, girl you’ve come far
Set like a stable
A chair and table
Pussy lips pursing, playing for par

The top rate paying, Moll Flanders Inc
Two percent gross, signing in ink
Informing consent
I know of his bent
Orgasms delivered, kept on the brink

Molly directing, jenny produced
PD my rigger, pussy goosed
Spread legged sitting
My butt plug fitting
High and wide bindings, my subbie loosed

Body presented, the cameras point
Million men paying, with cash anoint
My passions un-faked
My two percent stake
The captive female, Moll Flanders joint

Toothbrush comes buzzing, inside and out
Spread wet and ready, I cannot pout
Choking rope collar
Worth every dollar
Five finger fisting, putting to rout

Tickle butt sitting against the wall
My head is swimming, there in the stall
The gawkers watching
The fever catching
Billions of babies, like rain drops fall

Porno has value, for birth control
Aids free and harmless, our helpful role
Mind fucking release
He’s licking my cheese
Hard high and often, uncharted shoal

Always been subbie, hidden inside
Pain/pleasure/passion, often self tied
Internet virgin
Pussy emergin’
PD to rescue, his pony ride

Lofty Ambitions