Lazy Maid
by Peter Loaf

Upstairs and downstairs, Master shouting
Parlor maid missing, panic mounting
The house and the park
From dusk until dark
The butler chuckles, fingers counting

Hands up and helpless, root cellar scene
“Two dozen earning, your rooms uncleaned”
“It’s just me and you”
“My balls turning blue”
“Plus three more added, just feeling mean”

“Five dozen lashes, your total earned”
“Lazy days over, your bottom burned”
“Underground chamber”
“Serving girl tamer”
“High yella nigra, your place be learned”

His hands exploring, my naked tits
His fingers splitting, my lower lips
My swollen pussy
Dripping and juicy
His cock meat rising, gripping my hips

Lifted to spindle, flutter foot kick
My toes not reaching, shitting His prick
Gag garbled pleading
His hard hands kneading
Fingers find clitty, juicy and slick

Lazy maid serving, underground cell
My shame exposing, my private Hell
My nature to sub
And there lies the rub
Subbie lust loving, no one to tell

His passion rising, his breathing deep
My body blushing, my mountain steep
Pleading comes needing
My passion feeding
Orgasmic screaming, deep in the keep

A pistol thunders, the butler falls
My Master behind, blowing off balls
Second shot ending
His message sending
Masters and subbies, our duty calls

Waiting for rescue, hands tied above
My Master tenting, push comes to shove
High yella nigra
Fucking fine figure
Subbie space sailing, my subbie love

Lazy Maid