Lazing on Sunday
by Peter Loaf

My Master and me, wish I could see
Thereís no light showing, my nasal plea
Itís part of our deal
When blinded I feel . . .
Human antenna, caressing me

Sense of touch hyper, heat of his hand
Hogtied and horny, muffled demand
My bottom slapping
My nipples snapping
Subbie space rushing, Cherryís last stand

His careful bindings, the silken sheet
Floating in darkness, itís almost sweet
Pussy lips plumping
My bones heís jumping
Lazing on Sunday, happy complete

The bottom slapping, starting to hurt
Subbie lust rising, my nipples pert
Helpless in season
Who cares the reason
High horny making, about to squirt

Subbie enjoying, the truth be told
Sex object total, Masterís control
My passion contained
Canít be explained
The maiden detained, the story old

Fingers flick tickle, a nipple pinched
A thumb comes greasing, my anus clinched
His magic powered
Bound and devoured
Subbie lust bundle, the knots are cinched

Kow Tow position, butt in the wind
His dinger dinging, pussy within
Love muscle clinging
All caution flinging
Sensuous thrusting, feeling no sin

Strong hands are gripping, lifting my arms
Face in the bedding, uplifted charms
War pony charging
Vulva enlarging
Blindness enhancing, clanging alarms

Firemen crashing, through smoke and fire
Couple caught fucking, moaning desire
No time for fooling
Firemanís schooling
Rescue the victims, orgasms dire

A blanket wrapping, out on the street
My bondage loosened, helped to a seat
Carefully pealing
Sudden pain squealing
The cameras flashing, freedom complete

Two cops are holding, Master between
ďOh please donít hurt him, only our scene!Ē
The neighbors hooting
Our asses booting
Our condo selling, move to Racine
Lazing on Sunday