by Peter Loaf

The house is quiet, sheís all alone
Garage is empty, I cut the phone
Her family cruising
Bodyguard boozing
I watch her shower, stroking my bone

The window open, I crawl inside
Sleeping so soundly, pillow applied
Moment of panic
My plan satanic
Cords strong and narrow, her wrists are tied

The knife-point pricking, giving her air
Her naked body, under my care
My face concealed
Her blood congealed
Dragged from her bedroom, grip in her hair

The house is empty, just her and me
The basement chilly, her whispered plea
Her wrists Iím fixing
Escape Iím nixing
Stand and deliver, I dance with glee

Ropes on her ankles, a sturdy bar
Spread and presented, she wonít get far
Baby fat boobies
Nipples like rubies
My nuts are clenching, my porno star

My finger samples, her virgin slit
Swollen and tender, I grip her tit
Her panic showing
My phallus growing
Wiggle and tickle, coaxing her clit

Kneeling before her, hands on her ass
Playing her trumpet, give her the gas
Licky slit juices
No more excuses
Passion awakened, it comes to pass

Pheromones filling, my spinning head
My Johnson swollen, its head is red
Her pussy gaping
Ready for raping
Nipple bells jingle, tied on with thread

Clitty clamp biting, eyes dilate
Her juices gushing, I cannot wait
Her hips Iím gripping
My foreskin stripping
Her hymen ripping, her opened gate

Hardbound and helpless, riding my horse
My thrusting phallus, taking with force
Jingle bells tinkle
Hot urine sprinkle
Panic and pleasure, her passionís source

My Johnson throbbing, hard as a bar
Double quick thrusting, playing for par
Screaming her passion
Her chips sheís cashing
The camera filming, my porno star

Reason returning, cutting her free
Nipple bells hurting, her whispered plea
Clitty clamp opened
Sheís barely copiní
Escape Iím making, itís time to flee

Katie my darling, I shall return
My freedom risking, bridges Iíll burn
Secrets protected
Pervert selected
My needs fulfilling, your love Iíll earn