Junta Hell
by Peter Loaf

CIA sponsored, a Latin land
The power grabbing, so careful planned
The calaboose
The choking noose
President’s daughter, a stool to stand

Video sending, her wordless pleas
Her naked body, the hostage seize
His options closing
There’s no opposing
The Junta forcing, man to his knees

Her father exiled, sent overseas
The Junta holding, “Do what you please”
The ring gag screaming
Video streaming
The Commies punished, the terror keys

Watching his daughter, tearing his hair
The torture Master, flogging her pair
Elbows together
The tickle feather
Pussy lip spanking, under their care

The death squads gather, the disappeared
Commies arrested, the junta feared
The secret prison
Their Holy mission
Power persuasion, the tactics cleared

President’s daughter, the junta chief
His plan successful, the girl’s debrief
Wobble stool choking
Pussy lips soaking
The general stroking, his pussy thief

Ankles in nooses, stretched to the side
Her stool sitting, pumping his pride
The noose rope lowered
Guiding her forward
Thrusting and busting, his pony ride

Junta Hell