Jungle Chased
by Peter Loaf

Barefoot and naked, elbows behind
Tinkle bell nipples, Master unkind
Tarzan is coming
A distant drumming
Naked and running, nettles I find

Stagger I stumble, nipple bells tink
Swollen sore titties, itís hard to think
Tied up so tightly
Purple unsightly
Lord of the jungle, Master of kink

Ten beaters driving, the jungle thick
Three sides and closing, better be quick
The ridge Iím climbing
A stopwatch timing
The circle closing, girl up the crick

Drum signals ceasing, woman at bay
Tarzan the ape-man, winning today
Standing here waiting
Pheromones baiting
Pussy proud pain-slut, the ape-manís prey

Man of great stature, arms corded steel
His hands envelope, gag garbled squeal
My body burning
My body yearning
Bent over sapling, big member feel

The beaters beating, a jungle dance
Ass up and helpless, jungle romance
Filling my pussy
Itís loosely juicy
Bound titties swinging, subbie lust trance

Sore in the morning, but worth the trade
My schooling assured, tuition paid
Ying and yang lovers
That about covers
Later we cuddle, the scene I fade

Jungle Chased