by Peter Loaf

Butt hooked and collared, ankles in chains
To workshop taken, the day’s remains
Subbie and Master
Blood pumping faster
A simple bracket, confidence drains

Not my decision, driven along
Butt hook preventing, tied with a thong
My bottom switching
My pussy itching
Pleading gag garbled, my mercy song

My wrists releasing, “Kneel under there!”
Bottom cheeks burning, my well striped pair
“Now your arms over!”
“Pig in the poker!”
Chain shackles tightened, ass in the air

My nipples clamping, down to the floor
Ass up presented, his helpless whore
Hook up my bummer
The distant drummer
By collar tethered, garbled implore

My ankles spreading, my pussy licked
Seven way bondage, kicking un-kicked
Tiny buzz buzzer
Clitty touch puzzle
Tiny and toothy, my clitty clipped

Dancing restricted, screaming un-faked
My Master kissing, my coals un-raked
Rattle chain straining
Bondage detaining
My juices oozing, passion half baked

Deep hollow rattle, coming to life
Monster vibrator, my straining strife
Too big for pussy
Master so pushy
Rattle hum stretching, stabbed with a knife

The bracket bending, my pussy hurts
Jackhammer driving, my nipple squirts
My passion rising
I’m perfect sizing
Orgasm threatens, pussy juice spurts

Leaving me empty, leaving me wide
Sliding his organ so deep inside
Love muscle clenching
Eight-way the lynching
Orgasms crashing, riding His pride

Jackhammer rattles, around the floor
Modified screaming, begging for more
Filly well ridden
Subbie lust hidden
Discomfort’s comfort, the distant shore