Jack Tar
by Peter Loaf

The shadows climbing, the walls of rock
The castle guarding, the harbor dock
The watchmen sleeping
The pirates creeping
The touch-holes spiking, the cannons blocked

The city open, the boats ashore
The pirates landing, done it before
The watchmen murdered
The people herded
The loot collected, the cannon’s roar

Jack Tar the pirate, leading his men
The city’s riches, where to begin
The Spanish treasure
The pirate’s pleasure
The Viceroy’s daughter, ransom to win

Taken in chamber, gagged with a rag
Stripped of her nightgown, head in a bag
Carried to landing
Ransom demanding
Hard-bound and helpless, the pirate’s swag

The soldiers coming, down from the fort
The grapeshot fired, cannon’s report
The soldiers scattered
The walls are splattered
The crimson dripping, the battle short

The Viceroy’s daughter, taken aboard
Half naked maiden, part of their hoard
Chained in his cabin
Her goodies grabin’
Intentions evil, she won’t be bored

His cutlass sheathing, his trouser tent
His dripping phallus, intentions bent
His grin so evil
Power primeval
Her legs he’s spreading, her hymen rent

Gag garbled screaming, thrusting it home
Her pussy bloody, his pecker’s home
Her ankles lashing
Her titties mashing
Fucking and sucking, frothing her foam

Her panic changing, her screaming too
Her tone of wonder, is something new
Passion comes riding
Pleasure abiding
The Viceroy’s daughter, taming the shrew

Tack Tar the pirate, his phallus hard
Fucking her lusty, sanity shard
The footsteps running
The first mate coming
The fleet returning, the harbor bared

Double stroke finish, shooting his load
Bind her to bowsprit, her new abode
The Viceroy’s offer
Filling our coffer
The tide is with us, our treasure stowed

Seeing his daughter, naked despoiled
The Viceroy shaken, his plans are foiled
Pirate ship sailing
His daughter’s wailing
Jack Tar the pirate, a serpent coiled

The ransom paying, has little choice
His daughter pregnant, twin little boys
The pirate’s spawning
The pit is yawning
His power broken, empire destroy

Jack Tar