Jabba’s Delight
by Peter Loaf

Young Princess Leia, Jabba’s delight
His fortress castle, party tonight
The captive maiden
Her prospects fadin’
Stripped stocked presented, her helpless plight

The Mighty Jabba, his nostrils flare
His inner sanctum, his private lair
Her scent is spreading
She’s ripe for bedding
Pussy protruding, her nether hair

His tail is gripping, her ankle chain
His hands caressing, struggle in vain
His slimy organ
His slime disgorgin’
Caviar tasting, the shaming pain

Thumbing her clitty, driving his spike
Maidenhead sundered, her muffled yike
Her hip bones creaking
His phallus seeking
Her passion splashin’, speared on his pike

Princess delightful, ridden to froth
Passions redoubled, plighting her troth
High wide and helpless
He fucks with finesse
His days are numbered, the Jedi Wroth

The cloaked intruder, the Jedi spell
The portal lifting, the gates of Hell
The servant leading
Imperative heeding
To Harem taken, a distant bell

The Hut confronted, the princess shamed
Her Jedi brother, anger inflamed
Light-saber thrumming
Bedchamber chumming
Sushi served living, princess reclaimed

Jabba’s Delight