by Peter Loaf

The gypsy taxi, Manhattan isle
Daughter of power, in latest style
Sleepy gas hissing, out in a mile
Waking in basement, after a while

Taken as hostage, stripped to the skin
Bound in a harness, horrors within
Helpless and hoping, tasting of tin
Darkness descending, isolation

The captive alone, deep underground
The taste of rubber, a white noise sound
Her pussy stretching, vibrators pound
Midnight forever, passion newfound

Held for a ransom, father frighten
Kneeling and feeling, nipples tighten
Pussy juice dripping, senses heighten
Blinded and silent, the beach Brighton

The cameras watching, posted on net
Her body sweating, game match and set
Double dip dildos, keeping her wet
Mind bending darkness, ransom to get

Feeding tube liquids, pissing on floor
Her fatherís money, silent implore
Humping and coming, hard to ignore
Body betraying, another encore

Nipple whip striking, leaving a welt
Her bottom burning, marks of a belt
Blinded and silent, the whipping felt
Her father breaking, sending the gelt

The ransom received, daughter returned
Her secrets revealed, her bridges burned
Her father a pauper, riches unearned
Money means nothing, the lesson learned

Knowing exposure, her father faced
Bodyís betrayal, so tightly laced
Secrets revealed, daughter debased
Trauma continues, left with a taste