by Peter Loaf

Housebreaker sneaking, dark of the night
Through basement window, a sexy sight
Spreader bar spreading, she cannot fight
Her head is hooded, blocking all light

Been watching an hour, left on her own
Iím gonna chance it, my aching bone
The invitation, nipples in cone
The lock Iím smashing, a handy stone

Gag muffled screaming, inside the bag
Pussy lips swelling, in season nag
Stepping behind her, donít like to brag
Bent spread presented, ready to shag

Slipping within her, thumb up her bum
Gag garbled pleading, fe-fi-fo-fum
The piston engine, getting me some
Slipping and gripping, smelling her chum

Driving her goofy, double quick pace
Pausing the pleasure, bottom to lace
The cane so swishy, getting a taste
Red spread and helpless, the subbie space

The front door opens, ominous creak
Her Master coming, her helpless squeak
Double quick humping, her nipples tweak
Leaving her dripping, patting her cheek

The shadows swallow, my fleeing form
The basement quiet, before the storm
Hooded and handled, dripping and warm
Filled with my semen, my swimming swarm

The coo-cooís leavings, egg in the nest
Anonymous donor, passing the test
The invitation, the honored guest
The scene Iím leaving, itís for the best

The faceless stranger, sperm donor man
Subbie lust harvest, Spam in a can
Bent spread and helpless, the frying pan
Her needing feeding, part of the plan